For Pivotal 6 customers, Lansdale Group, a leading Pivotal CRM partner, offers enhancements to Pivotal CRM Contact Center for more robust call scriping and tighter CTI. Lansdale Group customers utilizing this solution are able to pop call scripts based on inbound DNIS, auto pop Lead and Contact screens based on ANI, include additional types of attributes such as date and text values in call script results, and once a call script is completed, automatically generate Leads, Contacts, or custom objects based on call script results. Lansdale Group has also developed packaged CTI solutions for popular telephony vendors such as Five9, Avaya, and Echopass. Lansdale Group’s Enhanced Pivotal CRM Contact Center features include:

  • Group call script questions
  • Call script question level help
  • Track call script Q&A results during script
  • Save call script results to any object based on configurable mapping
  • Capture additional data types in call scripts including Date and Text
  • Automatic screen pops based on ANI
  • Automatic assignment of lead source based on DNIS
  • Automatic initiation of lead source specific call scripts based on DNIS
  • Polling mechanism to phone system web service for phone system events
  • Integration to local softphone for phone system events