Lansdale Group’s reputation for helping our customers achieve CRM success on the Pivotal CRM platform is unmatched. Lansdale Group provides Pivotal CRM consulting as well as turnkey enterprise CRM solutions based on Pivotal CRM that enable our clients to integrate all of the customer facing activities for more effective sales, marketing, and customer service. Combining the best, most experienced Pivotal CRM consultants with a broad suite of re-usable proprietary Lansdale Group tools and add-ons for Pivotal CRM including CTI, Enhanced Call Scripting, and streamlined Pivotal 6 Upgrades, Lansdale Group delivers a superior consulting value.

Visit our testimonials page to hear why Lansdale Group is the ‘go to’ partner for Pivotal CRM Consulting for so many Pivotal CRM customers. Our Pivotal CRM Consultants bring strong leadership skills, broad and deep technical skills, and many years of full CRM project life-cycle experience with Pivotal CRM. In addition to Pivotal CRM implementation, Lansdale Group has been recognized for excellence as a Pivotal CRM partner in Pivotal CRM upgrades, user training, and managed application services.

Lansdale Group is celebrating more than 20 years in a successful partnership with Avolin (formerly Aptean), with multiple successful projects involving the following Avolin front office products and technologies:

  • Pivotal UX
  • Pivotal CRM 6
  • Pivotal 5.x to 6 Upgrades
  • Thin Client
  • eService
  • ePartner
  • Marketfirst
  • Pivotal Web Services Generator
  • Pivotal eMarketing
  • Pivotal Data Management
  • Pivotal Document Management
  • Pivotal CRM Syncstream Satellites and Mobiles
  • CTI for Pivotal CRM
  • Pivotal CRM Contact Center and Call Scripting
  • XML Interface from SSIS, Portals, Middleware,…
  • Scheduled Script Service
  • Pivotal CRM SSIS Connector
  • Pivotal 6 Client Third-Party Controls Integration
  • Pivotal Wireless
  • Pivotal Handheld
  • Pivotal CRM Healthcare
  • Pivotal CRM Homebuilder
  • Pivotal CRM Financial Services
  • CMS 6.0.5
  • Pivotal CRM 6 Contact Management
  • Pivotal CRM Customer Service
  • Pivotal CRM Marketing
  • Pivotal CRM Sales
  • Pivotal CRM Rich Client
  • Pivotal CRM Windows Client
  • Pivotal CRM Windows Client Agents

Many of Lansdale Group’s most successful customers have adopted Pivotal CRM. Avolin’s Pivotal CRM delivers on the promise of CRM that works the way your users work. It is now pre-integrated with Microsoft’s most popular productivity tools, including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook, and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite. Users can now access corporate portal information and accomplish all their day-to-day tasks (such as calendaring, contact management, and e-mail) without ever having to leave CRM.

Pivotal CRM offers enhancements to drive revenue, user adoption, and inter-operability. Learn why this is the most advanced, useable Pivotal CRM ever:

  • Increase user adoption rates by providing a familiar, intuitive Microsoft-like user interface driven by workflow
  • Improve productivity through seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Office
  • Make changes quicker to your CRM platform using Microsoft’s latest OneClick deployment technology
  • Eliminate knowledge gaps by using Microsoft SharePoint to allow Pivotal CRM data to be shared across the organization