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Lansdale Group’s Resident Central allows senior living operators to maintain a 360 degree view of the resident. Every aspect of the resident’s experience from billing history to assessments and care plans, even to participation in community events and activities can be found in the Resident Central resident profile. Robust features such as billing, accounts receivables management, assessments and care plans save administrative time while the comprehensive resident profile ensures that all staff are on the same page and focused on the individual needs of each resident. Built on the powerful SaaS platform,Resident Central supports the most modern standards and platforms for mobile computing, interfaces to other systems, and security. In addition, Resident Central is designed to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce Sales Cloud for Senior Living organizations that have chosen Salesforce as their CRM system. Resident Central features include:

  • Occupancy Tracking
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable
  • Assessments
  • Care Plans
  • Incident Tracking and Resolution
  • Resident Maintenance Requests
  • Resident Activity\Event Sign Up
  • Mobile and Smartphone Access
  • Robust Cross-Community Analytics
  • Flexible Management Hierarchies
  • Powerful Platform for Customization
  • Tight Integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM

Contact Lansdale Group to learn more about Resident Central or our other services and solutions designed to help Senior Living organizations maximize occupancy and resident satisfaction. Visit the Resident Central Salesforce App Exchange listing here.