Why Salesforce for Senior Living?

The senior living industry has been served by industry specific CRM vendors for years. However, 95% of the CRM and Digital Marketing Automation capabilities that senior living operators are clamoring for are the same capabilities required by sales and marketing professionals across all industries. Far and away, the most popular vendor of those capabilities is Salesforce. Moreover, Salesforce’s large market share has resulted in a continuous investment in the Salesforce platform, benefiting users in all industries, including Senior Living.

Salesforce’s massive investments in R&D, funded by customers across every industry and across the globe, provide the tools that all sales and marketing professionals expect. Those tools include support for the latest mobile OS’s, integration with other popular tools such as Microsoft Outlook, and a robust configuration and integration platform allowing Salesforce’s customers to further tailor their CRM systems to meet their unique marketing opportunities and challenges.

But how can a CRM system designed to meet the needs of all industries also support the very specific needs of senior living operators? In addition to general best-in-class CRM and Digital Marketing Automation tools, senior living operators require a simple user interface, purpose built for senior living, supporting both business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales and marketing models. This is where Lansdale Group comes in with our Salesforce Implementation Template for Senior Living. We’ve used the same configuration and integration platform that Salesforce’s customers use to ‘make Salesforce theirs’ to build out a set of implementation best practices and pre-built configurations, customizations, and integrations that turn a cross-industry, best-of-breed CRM platform into one optimized for senior living. It’s the best of both worlds with the following benefits:

  • Because we aren’t bogged down by the effort required to maintain a full stack CRM and Marketing Automation platform, Lansdale Group has rapidly evolved our solution to meet the ever changing needs of the senior living industry, supporting new reporting metrics and different modes of engagement.
  • In each customer engagement, we are able to further optimize the solution to their specific needs with Salesforce’s robust set of configuration and integration tools.
  • If a Senior Living operator requires integration with some other important solution in their Sales and Marketing eco-system, there’s almost certainly a connector available on the Salesforce AppExchange to enable it.
  • With Salesforce constantly releasing innovative and powerful new solutions, Senior Living industry customers gain from advances in sales and marketing sophistication in other industries.

Looking forward, as technologies change and the discipline of sales and marketing advances, Salesforce, with Lansdale Group’s support, offers the best opportunity for Senior Living operators to stay on the leading edge of CRM and Marketing Automation best practices. Senior Living operators using Salesforce will never grow out of the platform, and with Salesforce’s substantial R&D investment, the Salesforce platform will always support the latest tools and technologies used by Senior Living operators’ sales and marketing professionals.

Lansdale Group’s Senior Living CRM Template for Salesforce Features

    • Lead Management
    • Waitlist Management
    • Ad Hoc Query
    • Activity Management
    • Referral Management
    • Event Management
    • Marketing Campaign Management
    • Real-Time Management Reporting
    • Lead Base Analysis
    • Resident Assessments
    • Automated, Personalized Email and Direct Mail
    • Single, Integrated Multi-Community Database
    • Lead Sharing
    • Referral Source Sharing
    • Marketing Campaign Sharing
    • Multi-Community Access
    • Real-Time Management Reporting
    • Multi-Level Data Visibility Model
    • Wait List Management
    • Inventory and Occupancy Management
    • Integration to Paid Referral Services such as A Place for Mom and Caring.com
    • Integration with eReferral Networks such as Careport and Navihealth
    • Integration with EMRs such as PointClickCare, Netsmart myUnity, and MatrixCare

Get the Most out of Your Sales and Marketing Resources

Lansdale Group’s Senior Housing CRM template for Salesforce supports cross community lead, marketing, and referral source sharing through a single, integrated sales database so that sales and marketing resources can be applied and measured how, when, and where they are most needed. For example, a single resource can focus exclusively on referral development activities across several different communities.

Accelerate the Sales Process

Use Marketing Automation tools such as Pardot integrated with Salesforce to nurture leads through targeted, time phased, personalized communications through multiple channels including web, print, phone, and email. Sales resources have limited time to ensure that all Leads are being developed to their maximum potential. By complementing phone and face-to-face communications with time phased, mass personalized communications, Senior Living operators are able to develop more leads with fewer resources.

Optimize Lead Distribution Across Communities

Segment shared leads to meet the unique needs of each community’s occupancy requirements. With a single, integrated database, Leads are shared among communities with a click of a mouse so that each Community may benefit from the collective sales and marketing efforts of the entire organization to ensure that prospective residents are matched with the community that best meets their needs.

Enable Continuous Sales Process Improvement

Lansdale Group’s Senior Living CRM template for Salesforce provides management with a real-time view into all sales and marketing efforts. Pre-defined and customizable reports allow management to understand macro level trends in real time as well as how individual communities and sales representatives are performing relative to objectives. With a real-time view into sales representative performance, managers can provide guidance and assistance at the time it will be most helpful.