Company Description
Five9 Five9 is the leading provider of cloud contact center software. We’ve helped our Salesforce customers implement CTI for inbound and outbound call centers using Five9, Service Cloud Console, and Salesforce CTI APIs. Lansdale Group Five9 solutions include
screen pop, call scripting, custom interaction logs, automated case creation, warm transfer, and automated processes on call disposition.
DocuSign Docusign provides electronic signature solutions including integration with Salesforce. Lansdale Group has extended Salesforce Docusign integration for completely automated contract generation as well as update to contract status upon customer signature.
Invoca Invoca provides Call Tracking solutions that help marketers track phone responses to web content. Using Invoca and Invoca’s integration with Salesforce, we’ve helped our customers get a fuller picture of responses to digital marketing initiatives including phone responses to web based ads.
hubspot Lansdale Group’s Salesforce customers use Hubspot to manage all of their digital marketing campaigns including email, landing pages, and forms. With out-of-the-box bi-directional integration between Salesforce and Hubspot, Lansdale Group customer solutions utilizing Hubspot allow our customers to synchronize sales and marketing interactions in the most complementary way.
Conga Alliance Partner Utilizing tools from Conga, Lansdale Group builds custom, complex forms to support contracting and regulatory compliance, mass mailings and mass emails. Lansdale Group has developed innovative batch document creation processes that leverage Conga tools to support one click generation of heterogeneous documents in large volumes.
Experian Experian provides data quality tools that can be integrated easily with Salesforce. Lansdale Group customers use Experian QAS for on-the-fly address correction while capturing customer information.
Skuid Skuid allows Salesforce customers to create slick user interfaces with simple drag and drop tools. We implement user friendly Skuid based solutions including custom css and java utilizing Skuid’s Java script API. We also help our customers become productive with Skuid quickly.
iContact Tightly integrated with Salesforce, iContact offers a pragmatic, easy to use email campaign management solution that can be run completely inside Salesforce.
SendGrid We use SendGrid to support custom email solutions with strong deliverability and tracking features such as automated document delivery.
GeoPointe Lansdale Group customers use Geopointe for Salesforce for advanced mapping applications such as campaigns based on geographic areas, lead source analysis by zip code, and routing. Geopointe for Salesforce supports just about any mapping application out-of-the-box with minimal configuration, but for very specialized applications, Lansdale Group uses the Geopointe API to create seamless Salesforce applications that include mapping functions.
CRM Fusion CRM Fusion’s DupBlocker has been an invaluable tool for helping our Salesforce customers prevent duplicate records and maintain clean CRM data.