The Lansdale Group is hiring. We offer a generous salary and robust benefits as well as rewarding opportunities to make a direct and measurable impact on our customers’ bottom line. 

Salesforce Developer\Architect

Who We Need

Lansdale Group, a consulting and ISV  partner, is seeking senior-level Salesforce developers with advanced programming skills to support customer implementations and development of Lansdale Group’s ISV and App Exchange applications built on the platform.

What We Do

Lansdale Group is engaged in some of the most complex and challenging Salesforce projects.  Our customers hire us because of the reputation of our ‘A player’ consultants who can deliver the most innovative solutions to the most technically challenging problems.  In fact, we are frequently called upon to take over stalled projects that larger partners simply couldn’t handle. How is Lansdale Group able to succeed where larger consulting companies have failed?  The answer is in our project staffing model.  Rather than staff projects with large teams of specialists, Lansdale Group projects are always lead by a ‘hands on’ technical lead who, in addition to having deep developer skills, also possesses strong business analysis and leadership skills. The result is a much more effective and productive requirements and design effort which consistently leads to a smooth and cost effective overall project and a more maintainable and valuable CRM system.

To learn more about our reputation, read the testimonials section of our web site ( to understand why Lansdale Group consultants stand out from the crowd.

Why Pursue a Career With Lansdale Group?

  • Are you a consultant tiring of the road warrior life style? The most senior Lansdale Group consultants are able to work in a mode of 10% or less travel.
  • Would you like to expand your influence in CRM projects? Although we support large, complex projects, our project teams are made up of smaller groups of relatively senior resources. The result is that all Lansdale Group consultants operate in highly visible project roles.
  • Are you a strong developer looking for more direct customer/user interaction?  All Lansdale Group consultants including our customer facing consultants are strong developers.  In a career with the Lansdale Group you won’t diminish your opportunities to continue utilizing and developing your development skills, but you’ll also be given the opportunity to work directly with customers to collaborate on innovative, high impact solutions that you and your team will develop.
  • Are you looking for a ground floor opportunity to increase your responsibilities with a growing company?  Lansdale Group’s reputation for excellence and our vertical focus in consulting and ISV solutions for industries such as Senior Living, Home Building, Hospitality, and Insurance is fueling rapid growth that offers unlimited opportunities for advancement to roles such as team lead, practice manager, and industry solution director.

Minimum Requirements for Applicants

We are seeking only the most experienced Salesforce developers.  Please apply only if you meet each of the criteria listed below.  Successful applicants will possess the following attributes and skills:

  • Expertise with all aspects of advanced Lightning, Apex and VisualForce development including experience with Lightning Components, custom controllers and controller extensions, triggers, web services, and sites.
  • Deep experience developing custom cloud-based applications outside of the Salesforce platform.  We are seeking skilled senior programmers with exposure to a broad set of technologies, programming languages, and development environments not limited to
  • Excellent communications skills.
  • Ability to develop specifications and appropriate designs based on loose and implied requirements.
  • Ability to offer proactive guidance on how to best apply Salesforce to meet customer requirements.
  • Experience developing innovative solutions using the most advanced Salesforce development techniques to help customers get the most out of their investments in Salesforce.
  • Creativity, resourcefulness, and enough deep technical and CRM project experience to operate with little guidance.
  • Strong work ethic and disciplined time management skills.
  • A minimum certification level of Certified Developer.
  • Undergraduate degree, preferably in Computer Science or related discipline.

Other Desired Candidate Attributes

Although not required, the following attributes will significantly enhance a candidate’s qualification for a career with the Lansdale Group:

  • Advanced Salesforce certifications.
  • Experience in the Senior Living, Homebuilding, Insurance, or Hospitality industries or other business-to-consumer industries.
  • Experience developing/packaging/supporting ISV and/or App Exchange applications.
  • Residence in Washington DC metro area. Local residence in the DC area is not an absolute requirement.  Qualified candidates may also work remotely.


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